Here’s how you can pay celebrities to record a personalised video shoutout - from Carole Baskin to Lance Bass

With the countdown to Christmas officially on, some of us might have started thinking about gifts for our loved ones. If you’re struggling to think of something unique for someone in your life, what about getting them a personalised shoutout from their favourite celebrity?

Memmo is a new platform which offers people the opportunity to do just that.

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Gustav Lundberg Toresson, CEO and co-founder of Memmo, said, “Expanding Memmo to the UK is a huge step on our journey towards creating inspiring meetings between public figures and fans, everywhere in the world.

“The UK entertainment and live sports industries have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic, and sportspeople and performers now have more time on their hands to engage with fans.

“Meanwhile, there is an immense need currently from people to find ways to cheer up their loved ones from afar, especially with the holiday season coming up.”

Which celebrities are on the app?

There are a range of celebrities from a variety of different categories, including footballers, TV and reality stars, actors, musicians and comedians.

Some stars include:

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Former world champion boxer John H Stracey (£30)Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby (£50)Tiger King star Carole Baskin (£400)Drag queen Chad Michaels (£50)Outlander star Graham McTavish (£120)Soprano’s actor Joseph Gannascoli (£150)NSYNC singer Lance Bass (£100)Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson (£140)Football manager Sven-Göran Eriksson (£50)

Don’t be caught out, though - some celebrity impersonators (such as ‘Rud Stewart’) are also on the website.

How does it work?

When you’ve found a person you want to buy a shoutout from, simply click on their profile and you’ll be able to see their price lists. Charges vary from person to person, and there are also different options such as requesting a greeting within 24 hours and a video greeting for businesses, which both cost more.

Select the booking option you want to go for and you’ll be asked to fill in some details.

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Next, you’ll be able to outline what you want your shoutout to say, explain who the greeting is for (if it’s a gift for someone else), and any other important details.

Then you can proceed onto the payment. Memmo accepts Amex, Mastercard and Visa.

After the booking has been made, it stays active for seven days. However, Memmo says that “many profiles respond much faster than that.”

If, for whatever reason, your video isn’t delivered within these seven days, it will expire and you will be refunded for your booking.

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How does the video get sent to me?

When your video has been recorded by your chosen celebrity, it will be sent via SMS and email to the phone number and email address provided.

Once it’s been sent to you, you can download the video and keep it.