Nadine could be kicked out, say local party

Nadine Dorries could be de-selected as a Conservative MP as a result of going onto I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, according to her local party.

Paul Duckett, chairman of the Mid Beds Conservative Association, said that the move was “out of character” for the high-profile MP.

But he confirmed that the local party had not known of her plans to go on the show, and said that local activists would hold a number of meetings next week.

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Mr Duckett said: “From one point of view it’s a huge audience and a massive reach. The danger is that she discredits herself as an MP.

“There would be a very dim view taken of that in Parliament, and we will take an equally dim view and would have to take action.

“That action could be de-selection as an MP. But that would be quite a radical step and not something we would do lightly. It is a big issue.”

Mr Duckett described the timing of Ms Dorries’ departure as “not terribly helpful” given next week’s Police And Crime Commissioner elections and the nearby Parliamentary by-election in Corby.

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But he believed that constituents would not be affected in the short-term as “the nits and the grits” of local work was done by councillors.

Contrary to reports, Mr Duckett said that the local party had not planned to meet this week on Tuesday evening and were waiting to hear the response of Conservative HQ in London once Ms Dorries entered the show.

Mr Duckett said: “The party has suspended her, so she is out for the time being until she has her say. That means she is an Independent MP, and that’s not what people voted for.

“What happens next depends on whether she makes a complete prawn of herself. I don’t think she will.

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“She is not the first MP to go on popular television. Our concern is that there may be constituents who aren’t happy about that. Certain people are writing in with their support, while others want her to do her job.

“She does work quite hard, so this is out of character. But if she has got something that she wants to say then so be it. In the meantime we have got to pick up the pieces.”

He added: “She has not done anything bad. Rash, maybe. Strange. But not bad.”