"Horrific" videos taken in Bedford schools uploaded to TikTok

Some of the incidents - involving teachers and other adults - have involved police action
The videos appeared on TikTokThe videos appeared on TikTok
The videos appeared on TikTok

"Pretty horrific" videos of teachers and other adults in Bedford schools have been uploaded to TikTok - and some of have involved police action.

And while the council has declined to comment on the nature of the videos, they were described as 'pretty harrowing' by the chief education officer.

Deirdre Murphy, National Education Union (NEU) representative, told the council's Joint Consultative and Negotiating Committee for Primary and Secondary Education during a meeting on November 30 that there have been a "few problems" with TikTok videos in three schools in the borough.

She said: "Aisling [Gammon, NASUWT representative] and I have been dealing with cases in the schools, and I think it's very much sorted or at least it's been handled.

"I was a bit concerned because Kiran [ Mal, UNISON] brought up that there were some cases [involving] support staff," she added.

Ms Mal said: "I had members make contact with concerns that they had because of colleagues that they work alongside.

"It was not directly towards any of my UNISON members."

Ben Pearson, chief education officer, said: "For members that not fully aware, there have been some pretty horrific videos uploaded by children of teachers and other adults in schools, and some have involved police actions.

"They've been pretty harrowing really for the people involved. I know our trade union members are on top of that."

He added that issues within schools can be raised at the fortnightly meetings between the council and the unions.

He said: "If there are any individual school issues that's how we pick up on that to support schools, to bring the police or any other organizations or parties to that table."

Ms Murphy said: "I think the council reacted very, very quickly. Within hours of us mentioning [this] to our trade union forum, a note was sent out to schools from the safe guarding officer and that was very effective."

A council spokesperson said: “We have been made aware of inappropriate videos posted on social media but are unable to comment further on its content.”

Bedfordshire Police was approached for comment, but has not yet responded.