Still hopeful it’s Town’s time once more

Boss John Still hopes Hatters are lucky enough to enjoy a repeat of last season’s magnificent FA Cup run, writes Mike Simmonds.
John StillJohn Still
John Still

Town made history last campaign, becoming the first non-league side to beat a Premier League team as they enjoyed a 1-0 win at Norwich City on their way to the fifth round.

Still, who has reached the third round twice with former club Dagenham & Redbridge, said: “We can all get to the third round and we don’t all get Arsenal, Man United and Tottenham, but one club usually does though, that’s their time.

“Maybe this club’s time was last year as that was fantastic, but lets just hope its our turn agan this year.

“I’ve always said, if it’s your time, it doesn’t matter who you play. We’ve got to make it our time and give everything we’ve got.”

If Still was in charge, the winners of the FA Cup would receive a Champions League place in a bid to reignite the interest in the world’s oldest cup competition.

Recent seasons have seen Premier League sides play weakened teams in the tournament as they are more interested in making the top four or avoiding relegation.

But recalling his memories of watching the cup, Still said: “I used to go out with my mates, all meet at someones house, get something to eat, watch the football, have a bet and do all the things you do.

“I hate it now, I hate what its become, with it being 5pm on a Saturday afternoon when there’s Premier League games.

“It’s become devalued by clubs and I think even the biggest players and best players in the world, who wouldn’t love to come to Wembley and play in the FA Cup final?

“If I had my way, the winners of the FA Cup would get into the Champions League.

“That would make all the big teams go for it properly, and make the competition what I think most football people think it should be.

“We all grew up when to win the FA Cup and win the league was a fantastic achievement, probably the same.

“With the introduction of the Champions League and way that its formatted now, finishing fourth has become better than winning the FA Cup and that’s not right.

“If it became the top three and FA Cup winners go into Champions League, it would go back to being something special.”

The boss did believe that Town’s form in last season’s competition did spark a bit of romance back into the tournament and is sure that for some teams, it remains a big deal.

He added: “Whoever isn’t in the Premier League, so if a Championship club gets to the semi-final, that’s fantastic for them and that brings romance back to proper football.

“But even if you looked outside of that, teams like Norwich and Southampton would probably love to win the FA Cup.

“Realisticall, they can’t get in the Champions League, so for that level of club to win the FA Cup, for them it’s still something special.”

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