Hose been having some fun at Woburn Safari Park?

Bears and tigers have a novel way of chilling out

By Clare Turner
Monday, 27th July 2020, 4:15 pm

These animals at Woburn certainly know how to chill out - and thanks to the fire station, they can do just that.

Woburn Community Fire Station has donated fire hoses to the safari park, along with Dunstable and London, which they use to make no end of fun items.

A spokesman said: "The fire hose is really versatile can be woven into lots of different shapes and items.

Elton the tiger

"We have a hammock used by the North American Black Bears and we’ve turned this material into all sorts of wonderful enrichment for the animals, like puzzle feeders or mock prey, which is great for stimulating their natural instincts.

"Keepers can also stuff food into the hose, or different scented material which the carnivores love."

Kasiji, a black and white ruffed lemur, playing with the hose from Woburn Community Fire Station
Chuck, a North American Black Bear, enjoys the hammock
Elton the tiger
A North American Black Bear makes a new friend