Scott targets best-ever run

A best-ever run in the FA Cup could be on the cards for striker Scott Rendell as the Hatters head into Saturday’s first round proper tie against Nuneaton Town, writes Mark Wood.

Friday, 2nd November 2012, 10:00 am

Cool-headed Rendell’s top moment in the competition remains netting the opening goal for Cambridge United in their 2-1 defeat at Wolverhampton Wanderers back in 2008. And he’s hoping Luton can power past Boro as they look to test themselves against the best players in the country in the later rounds.

He said: “I think I’ve only had one FA Cup run and that was when I was at Cambridge in my first year, we ended up with Wolves away in the third round, we went 1-0 up and I scored a penalty!

“So hopefully again we might get a draw like that this year but we need to concentrate on the few other games between that. But it would be nice to get to the third round and maybe pull out a big team.

“Anyone from a higher league, from the Premier League would be an experience to play. It would be a good experience, enjoy it and look forward to next Saturday first and foremost we need to get through the first round. There’s no way we’re going to win the cup or get anywhere close to it, but you can enjoy it while you’re in it and enjoy the ties they pull out for you.”

But he’s not expecting an easy tie against Boro, who made it extremely difficult for the Hatters in their league encounter, before Town netted twice in the closing stages through Alex Lawless.

Buoyed by the 2-1 victory at title rivals Forest Green Rovers on Saturday, Rendell, 26, said: “It’s another example of grinding out another win last week, when we played them in the league it was 2-0. For 85 minutes it was a forgettable game, but it doesn’t matter if it takes the first minute, the 81st-minute or the 91st minute to score a goal, if you win that game and come off with three points in your pocket that’s all that matters. I think next week’s going to be much the same, they’re going to come with a similar gameplan and look to frustrate and that’s when we need to be patient again.

“Put our foot on the ball and if we have to move it around the back four and pop it into midfield maybe once or twice and keep the ball for five minutes then so be it and drag them out of holes that they’re going to be in.

“We’ll enjoy this one, start Monday again and look forward to putting a good run in the cup together.”

And a run in the cup could also help Luton’s league form, with Rendell adding: “It’s another game you want to win. You want to go as far in the best cup competition in the world as you can. Obviously we are not going to get anywhere near winning it. But we could if we beat Nuneaton on Saturday, get in the next round and we will go to the next round, and just take it as it comes. You never want to just go in with an if you lose, you lose kind of attitude, because then that might filter into the league.

“If you don’t go in with the right attitude then it could affect other things and we don’t want to do that.”