VIDEO: Cerys Matthews' new single results in a world music first as her band play while being driven in eco-cars

Could this be a case for Mulder and Scully? Or for a new eco-friendly female Jeremy Clarkson?

Because former Britpop star Cerys Matthews has managed a world first, by recording her new jazz music video with the full band playing in a collection of moving electric cars which have been turned into miniature recording studios.

The ex-Catatonia singer recorded the video at Millbrook Proving Ground, and reckons that the result was the perfect marriage of two of her passions - music and the environment.

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She said: “I want my family to live a greener life, and electric cars give us the opportunity to do that.

“What was surprising when we drove one was that it’s actually a much more enjoyable ride for the driver and passengers, no more having to shout (or sing!) above the engine noise – it’s a more relaxing experience.”

Cerys first came to prominence in the mid-90s when she fronted Catatonia on singles such as Mulder And Scully, Road Rage and Dead From The Waist Down.

She has since forged a successful solo career as a singer, writer, and TV and radio presenter.

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And the trip to Millbrook was to shoot the video for her latest single Float On Down To Monte Carlo.

It shows the band travelling and playing in a series of electric cars including a BMW 225xe, a Kia Soul EV, and a Mitsubishi Outlander PHE.

But the innovative recording was only possible because of the low-volume experience of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Cerys said: “The inspiration for Float On Down To Monte Carlo is the idea of being taken away from noisy and complicated everyday life to a place where you can hear yourself think and dream.

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“I’m so keen to share the experience that I’ve hired six electric cars to ferry people to and from my Good Life Festival in September.”

The project was part of a collaboration between the government and the industry-led Go Ultra Low campaign.

Poppy Welch, Head of Go Ultra Low, added: “A quiet, peaceful ride is one of the best things about driving an electric car.

“Combined with compelling financial savings and zero tailpipe emissions, it’s no wonder British motorists are turning to electric cars in record numbers.”