Santa says plan your emergency escape route

Santa knows the best way into your home is down the chimney, but do you know the best way OUT of your house in case of a fire?

By Tracey Wye
Monday, 7th December 2015, 9:24 am
Santa says plan your escape
Santa says plan your escape

Santa says: “You should start on your escape plan just in case there’s a fire during the holiday season.”

Every household should have an escape plan just in case the worst happens – you might never need it but it’s important to prepare one so there’s no delay when you need it.

· Plan your escape route together and ensure all children in the household know what to do if there’s a fire

· Set a safe meeting point outside the property where everyone can meet up after escaping

· Make special arrangements for any elderly people in your household who cannot move easily

· Make sure your escape route is practical and always available, not blocked by washing or Christmas presents.

· Is there a room in the house you could take refuge in?

· If possible always have a mobile phone fully charged so you can call for help and keep it close, even when in bed (as landline phones might be affected by a fire)

· Store bedding or a draft excluder there to block the bottom of the door to stop smoke coming in

· Only use an upstairs window to escape from fire if you are in immediate danger

· If there are two adults, one should use the window first to enable any children to be lowered before being dropped.

· Please don’t jump long distances. If you are escaping from an upper bedroom throw out the mattress or bedding to help cushion the landing.

· Leave door and windows keys somewhere everyone knows they are so if fire breaks out everyone can find them.

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