Preparations under way to start food waste collections in Bedford as Government takes steps to simplify recycling

File image of person putting food waste into a bag (image: Pexels)File image of person putting food waste into a bag (image: Pexels)
File image of person putting food waste into a bag (image: Pexels)
Bedford Borough Council said it has already “commenced preparations” to collect food waste following the government’s new approach to waste collection.

Last week (May 9) the government said new “simpler” recycling collections will mean the same materials are collected from homes, workplaces and schools.

This, it claimed, would end the “confusing patchwork” of different approaches across England.

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Councils will be allowed to collect plastic, metal, glass, paper and card in one bin in all circumstances. Food and garden waste will also be allowed to be co-collected.

As part of the announcement, Recycling Minister Robbie Moore said: “We all want to do our bit to increase recycling and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill – but a patchwork of different bin collections across England means it can be hard to know what your council will accept.

“Our plans for simpler recycling will end that confusion: ensuring that the same set of materials will be collected regardless of where you live,” he said.

Bedford Borough Council was asked how these changes would affect its recycling collections.

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A council spokesperson said: “The council already collects the majority of the main recyclable waste streams (paper and card, plastic, metal) from households as part of its orange lidded bin collections.

“We recently announced a kerbside glass recycling trial to allow glass to also be placed within the orange lidded bins (starting May 13).

“Subject to the trial being successful, this will allow the council to be fully compliant with the regulations.

“With regard to food waste, we have already commenced preparations to deliver these collections within the required timescales,” they said.