Nursery teacher celebrates three decades of service to thousands of Bedford children

She says retirement isn’t an option
Margaret celebrating her 30 year anniversary at Lavenders Day NurseryMargaret celebrating her 30 year anniversary at Lavenders Day Nursery
Margaret celebrating her 30 year anniversary at Lavenders Day Nursery

A nursery teacher is celebrating three decades of helping to care for Bedford children.

And Margaret Sanders says retirement isn’t an option – as she would be leaving her heart behind.

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Ofsted-rated Outstand Lavenders Day Nursery in Bushmead Avenue was decked out with balloons and photographs of the former Deputy Manager’s career to date when she arrived for work on the anniversary of her first day.

“I was overwhelmed and will never forget this special day. I love my job and Lavenders is a second home. I can’t imagine being anywhere else – my heart is here and always will be,” said Margaret.

Lavenders Manager, Dizzie Newberry, said: “Her passion and commitment to excellence in Early Years is evident in her work every single day in nursery. The children love her and parents were afraid that the anniversary celebrations would trigger her retirement.”

Starting at Lavenders after gaining a college Diploma in Childcare and Education, Margaret continued Early Years Care and education training throughout her career and found her real home in the Preschool Room.

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“To say it is rewarding is an understatement when you are witness to enormous strides forward being achieved by children in their last year at nursery,” said Margaret.

“To see a child who couldn’t hold a pencil on their first day in preschool writing their names before leaving for school is very emotional. I am also teaching the children of children I taught years ago and that is very special.”

Lavenders Day Nursery is part of the award-winning, employee-owned Childbase Partnership which will celebrate Margaret at a Long Service Dinner in November.

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