Anglian Water rules out hosepipe ban for Bedford households

Though it warns “we should expect more summers like this in the future”
A hosepipe (Photo Illustration by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)A hosepipe (Photo Illustration by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
A hosepipe (Photo Illustration by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Anglian Water has ruled out a hosepipe ban, putting the decision down to investments the company has made.

With Thames Water, South East Water, Welsh Water and Southern Water all introducing bans, pressure is mounting on other firms to follow suit.

And as temperatures are expected to rise to 33C (93F) tomorrow (Saturday), Anglian Water has just made an announcement to allay residents’ fears.

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Ciaran Nelson, a spokesperson for Anglian Water, said: “Today’s declaration of drought across the region we supply serves to underline the seriousness of the situation.

"But because of the investments we’ve made and the support of our customers, we still do not envisage needing a hosepipe ban in our region this summer.

“Over the last decade we’ve spent hundreds of millions improving resilience. Schemes like a new water treatment works for Lincoln, massive engineering schemes that mean we can move water all the way from Rutland to Milton Keynes, and the creation of additional back-up supplies for Norwich, have all helped.

“Schemes like this mean we’ve been able to keep our reservoirs topped up to around 80%, and to reduce the pressure on our underground aquifers which are about average, or just below, for the time of year. Just 5% of the water we use comes directly from rivers.

“Just because we don’t have a hosepipe ban, though, doesn’t mean people can be reckless with water. The less we and our customers use, the more can be left in the environment.

“That’s why, earlier this year, we reduced the water we take from the River Nene so farmers and nature reserves downstream could use more.

“We live in the driest part of the country: it makes sense to save water all the time.

“We prepare detailed drought plans for scenarios just like this. If we reach the point of needing a hosepipe ban, we won’t hesitate to introduce one. But we’re not at that point right now.

“We should expect more summers like this in the future. That’s why we’re building a 400km, half-metre-wide pipe to bring water from the north of our region down to the dry south and east. It’s also why we’re planning for two new reservoirs, one in Lincolnshire and one in The Fens.