97 people made redundant as pandemic costs Wyboston Lakes Resort half a million pounds each month

Y Spa and two conference centres are still not open

By Clare Turner
Friday, 11th September 2020, 12:15 pm

As much as 25 per cent of Wyboston Lakes' workforce have now left the company as it struggles to cope in the pandemic.

In June we revealed how staff were anxious after being given the news of the job cuts.But as the pandemic is costing the company a third of its revenue - with Y Spa and two conferences centres still not open - Wyboston Lakes is struggling in the same way as other companies such as Pizza Express, Debenhams and Beales.

Louisa Watson, director of marketing, said: "By losing 25 per cent, we are trying to protect the remaining workforce. The business is making considerable losses every month. We have half a million pound losses every month."

Wyboston Lakes

One staff member, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: "No directors have been asked to cut hours and they made a big thing of apparently taking a pay cut, but then we found out it was just 1 per cent."

However, Wyboston Lakes strenuously denies this, saying the figure is more than 20 per cent.

Ms Watson said: "The directors have taken over a 20 per cent cut in salary package since the lockdown started and this was announced back in March. They have also worked throughout the last five months to protect the business and keep it running for essential training for the NHS and police,

"Our team of directors has also had losses and the headcount has also been cut by 25 per cent in the last month."

The 380-acre resort - which is home to two conference venues, a 4-star hotel, spa and a golf course - is currently in talks with furloughed staff and is also looking to reduce their working hours by up to 20 per cent when they return.

But one disgruntled staff member said: "They have ruined people's lives but think it’s OK because they can use the excuse it was because of COVID. I will leave as soon as I can.

"They really don’t care. They have been portraying how sad it is and acting like they are interested about what happens to people, but some people that have tried to fight to keep their job have been ripped to pieces by the management and left in such a terrible state."

However, Ms Watson said: "Regarding the claim of unfair treatment, I can simply say that is completely untrue."