Women take 29 minutes to look natural

It takes the typical women 29 minutes of painstaking makeup application - to get a natural look, according to a study.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 27th June 2017, 12:34 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 5:10 am

Researchers revealed 86 per cent of women work as hard as they can to look fresh-faced despite using a host of products and techniques.

More than half of the 2,000 women questioned said they are now opting for soft contouring and nude lips in a bid to look dewy and make-up free.

But it takes an average of ten makeup items and processes to look so flawless, and a fifth admit they probably use MORE products to look natural than they do for a heavy made-up look.

Sarah Gardner, head of beauty for Superdrug, which carried out the study to launch the new makeup brand B, said: “Getting the natural look isn’t as easy as washing your face and brushing your hair.

“When we developed our makeup brand B., customer feedback was overwhelming, they wanted products that made them look flawless and naturally beautiful.

“And they wanted specific products to help them achieve this look, so we created B. to help everyone achieve a flawless looking, professional quality base at home.”

The study shows a third of women often watch online tutorials and read tips on how to achieve a more fresh faced appearance, taking inspiration from makeup artists to recreate the no-makeup makeup look.

Concealer, primer, loose powder, foundation and blusher are the most popular products women apply to their face each morning.

While eyes and lips are highlighted with discreet tints and shadows, mascaras, eye pencils, lip balms and nude lipsticks.

When it comes to achieving a flawless face, 35 per cent of women are big believers in using a moisturiser with SPF, while 29 per cent recommend using double the amount of mascara on upper lashes to open up the eyes.

Over a fifth of women use a concealer brush rather than fingertips to cover blemishes and 16 per cent like to contour to their hairline.

Other recommendations include sweeping the neck with bronzer, and using a lip scrub before applying tint.

And although the bare faced look has always been one more typically favoured for daytime wear, 45 per cent of people now opt for the same makeup style when hitting the town.

Incredibly, a third of women polled would never leave the house without a scrap of makeup on. Six per cent wouldn’t even let their partner see them ‘au naturale’, and 14 per cent admit to getting up early to put on their natural looking make-up before their partner wakes.

Sarah Gardner of Superdrug: “This new research proves that feeling beautiful isn’t about looking like you’ve spent hours applying makeup, it’s about makeup giving you the confidence to highlight your best features.

“We know women want products which are affordable, easy to apply and understand and most importantly look natural.”


1. Use a moisturiser with SPF

2. Add double the amount of mascara to upper lashes

3. Use a concealer brush rather than fingertips to better cover blemishes

4. Contour to the hairline

5. Sweep the neck and shoulders with bronzer

6. Pat lipstick colour on with fingertips to help it last

7. Use a sharp lip liner to get a precise line right to the edge

8. Use a lip scrub before applying tint or lipstick

9. Use a cream highlighter underneath a powder version

10. Use shadow shields to prevent eye shadow going everywhere


1. Mascara 76 per cent

2. Foundation 70 per cent

3. Concealer 48 per cent

4. Blusher 47 per cent

5. Lipstick 45 per cent

6. Fingertips 41 per cent

7. Eye shadow 41 per cent

8. Lip balm 37 per cent

9. Soft grey or brown eye pencil 31 per cent

10. Primer 30 per cent

11. Brow pencil 30 per cent

12. Pressed powder 29 per cent

13. Foundation brush 26 per cent

14. Loose powder 24 per cent

15. Blending sponge 21 per cent

16. Brow shaping 20 per cent

17. Bronzer 20 per cent

18. Highlighter 18 per cent

19. Lip tint 15 per cent

20. Lip liner 13 per cent

21. Fine tipped brushes 12 per cent

22. Finishing brush 10 per cent

23. Eye primer 9 per cent

24. Colour corrector cream 8 per cent

25. Contouring 8 per cent

26. Illuminator 7 per cent

27. Lip plumper 7 per cent

28. Setting spray 6 per cent

29. Precision sponge 5 per cent

30. Brow cream 5 per cent