'˜Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world...'

There's a busy week ahead at The Stables this week, which is nothing new, but at the same time there's less choice than you might imagine; plenty of the dates are already fully booked.

Fairport Convention is the first capacity showing, so we’ll move right on by the legends of Brit folk-rock, and we’ll not stop to tell you about Friday’s Roy Orbison & the Travelling Wilbury Show as that’s all sold-out too.

There is still availability on Saturday night for those of you seeking a full on belly laugh – and David O’Doherty is the man to bring the gags.

He’s the Lidl Enya, the broken Buble, if you will, and the man familiar with viewers of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown will be presenting ‘an evening of talking and songs played on a stupid keyboard from 1986...’

“Life is like a box of chocolates, but one where somebody else has eaten all the chocolates.

“And replaced them with mouse heads and dishwasher tablets,” says David.

His show, David O’Doherty: We Are All in the Gutter, But Some of Us Are Looking at David O’Doherty goes live at 8pm.

Over on Stage 2, Fred’s House will entertain with their winning blend of folk, country, classic rock and West Coast sound.

If you want in for that, it’s an 8.45pm start.

The Temperance Seven: Still Crazy After All These Years! Play for you on Valentine’s evening.

This lot were chart toppers in 1961, ‘with songs that were already 40 years out of date,’ they cheerily admit.

And in 2016, they are still at it and still sounding bang on.

This Valentine’s evening forgo the usual meal out, in favour of something a little more bespoke – when The Stables theatre transforms itself at the hand of the vintage duo Harry and Edna.

They invite you to settle back and enjoy one of the greatest love stories of all time, Casablanca.

If you’ve seen the film (and really, this is staple stuff), you’ll know already that Humphrey Bogart is Rick, a hard-drinking American in charge of a bar in Casablanca, a city full of refugees fleeing the Nazis.

Then one evening his lost love Ilsa walks in...

‘Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine...’

A classic among classics, this 1942 slice of big screen brilliance will air in the Cafe Americain which is being set up for the evening.

Grab a glass, settle back and feel the love.

Tickets are £12.50 and the curtain rises at the Wavendon venue at 8.45pm.

And there we leave this week, really, because Wednesday’s Simon & Garfunkel Story is another full house.

Sure, you can make the journey to the Wavendon venue in the vague hope of a return ticket, but honestly, you’ll be Homeward Bound in no time. Boom boom.

If you want in for one of those shows still showing availability, pick up the phone and dial 01908 280800 or visit www.stables.org