Movie round up: Gnomeo and Juliet.

VALENTINE’S Day is just around the corner so let’s start with a love story – Gnomeo & Juliet.

No, not Romeo. Gnomeo. You heard. It’s a 3D animation with more than a nod to the Bard’s great tragic romance, with Emily Blunt and James McAvoy weighing in as voice talent as two garden ornaments who fall in love despite the blood feud that separates their families.

There’s an all-star British cast and a few Stateside guests having a ball in this fun and left-field take on love.

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> You can’t deny that Jennifer Aniston is willing – no matter how many average rom coms she appears in she’s always up for another one.

The latest to arrive is Just Go With It, and Adam Sandler – who’s fallen flat on his face a few times himself – also in on the action.

He’s a plastic surgeon with a roving eye who wants to settle down with a gorgeous young teacher and for reasons too complicated to go into here he has to ask work colleague Jen to pose as his wife and go through a pretend divorce. The lies soon start unravelling with lacklustre results and it couldn’t be more predictable if it tried. If you don’t like it, don’t worry – they’ll doubtless be in something else next month!

> Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan in the same film? Not much business for the location caterers there, then...

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Never Let Me Go, helmed by One Hour Photo director Mark Romanekisis based on the haunting Kazuo Ishiguro novel in which three kids, including the two stick-thin stars, meet at school and head out into the big wide and very weird world. They’re delicately doomed and it’s all a bit sci-fi and sinister, but never really gripping enough to make it stick in your mind.

> Tipped for Oscar glory for his gruff John Wayne act, Jeff Bridges is the man of the moment even though it’s the directors who are the real stars of True Grit.

Those who don’t recall the original 1960s Western will find lots to enjoy in this Coen brothers homage, which is a cut above their previous reworking of The Ladykillers.

Bridges is a grizzled old rascal hired by a teenage girl to hunt down her father’s killer, and the cast also features Josh Brolin and Matt Damon. Anything the Coens make is worth watching, so make a date.

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> Another week, another cartoon favourite trashed by a woeful big screen adaptation. This time it’s Yogi Bear – in 3D, naturally – with Dan Aykroyd among those involved for some reason. All in all a bit of a boo-boo.

> Released next week, but apparently out from Monday, is the much-hyped Paul, a sort of ET meets Shaun Of The Dead with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost teaming up again for an alien adventure, backed up by a fair smattering of American comedy talent.