‘WE JUST WANNA MAKE YOU DANCE!’ Vintage Trouble review

MBTC-07-07-11 vintage trouble'W27'HOK
MBTC-07-07-11 vintage trouble'W27'HOK

THE promoters at The Pad Presents know a good thing when they see it, that’s for sure. “We just wanna make you dance! Come and party with us TONIGHT!” Was the invite from Ty Taylor, the charismatic frontman of the much hyped, well oiled machine that is Vintage Trouble. The place - Bedford Esquires and a sell-out 200 RSVP’ed and what a party it was! Instantly we were in safe hands.

Now here’s a band that has managed to release an album to critical acclaim, get signed by one of the biggest managers in the world, Doc McGhee (Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, KISS, Guns N’ Roses), score a Honda TV commercial, oh and that all important Later...With Jools Holland TV slot, all in under 12 months!

What’s the winning formula? Well judging by the reception I witnessed at Esquires that night, it was obvious to me. Vintage Trouble have got the songs, the lightning-in-a-bottle chemistry onstage, the banter, the audience participation - all the right ingredients resulting in that all-round star quality that makes people want to get up out of their seats and go and dance and join in the Vintage Trouble party. Hell, they can even win over the most reserved person in the room and make them unfold their arms, get out of the corner and go and dance and ‘get funky with it!’.

What’s the best way to describe Vintage Trouble if you’ve never heard or seen them?

Imagine an old school sweaty juke joint with a four-piece band dressed to the nines, playing that soul drenched, honest music not too dissimilar of Otis Redding and The Faces. Vintage Trouble are here to reactivate the stomping vibe of 1960s R&B and boy do they do it well. With a full on two-hour show, the energy these guys have is staggering, with more ‘go’ than a Duracell bunny and more than a bucketful of soul.

The show began with a short instrumental before frontman Taylor leapt on to the stage for the bands best-known song ‘Blues Hand Me Down’, the song performed on Later some two months earlier. Taylor’s vocals grab you instantly. The kind of powerhouse vocal delivery that can shake a building with an infectious energy that doesn’t see him just confined to the stage all night which he proved when he lept onto the bar mid-song and had everyone wanting to clamber on with him.

Combined with guitarist Nalle Colt, bassist Rick Barrio, and drummer Richard Danielson, they showcase their versatility with songs like ‘Nobody Told Me’, offering a taste of Colt’s faultless guitar work which was drenched in the impeccable ‘Run Outta You’. The band make music exciting to watch again and leave you not only wanting to queue to buy the album at the end of the night if you haven’t already got it, but have you instantly scouring their gig list to see when you can next join in this energetic, rollercoster ride that is the live-wired, straight-shootin’, dirty-mouthed, pelvis-pushin’, juke music of Vintage Trouble.

And just like the band themselves predict, you come dressy, leave messy!

By Lee Davies