Laurel & Hardy’s surprising story comes to Place stage

Paul Fowler and Richard Jordan as the actors playing Laurel & Hardy
Paul Fowler and Richard Jordan as the actors playing Laurel & Hardy

Laurel & Hardy are on their way to Bedford – as characters in a comedy drama.

Multiple-award-winning theatre company White Cobra Productions are performing Another Fine Mess in the town before taking the show to the Edinburgh Fringe.

The play, written by Gillian Plowman, focuses on Stephen and Phil, whose tribute act to Laurel and Hardy includes some of the duo’s classic sketches. But as the pair rehearse in the back room of a pub, real life intervenes.

Laurel/Stephen is played by Richard Jordan, who has twice won the best actor award at the Isle of Man drama festival in the last three years. Hardy/Phil is played by Paul Fowler, who is making his first appearance for White Cobra, having directed their production of Days of Wine and Roses which was took the best play award in the British final in 2014.

Richard said: “To play Stan Laurel, half of the most famous double act in the history of cinema, is a huge thrill and a huge responsibility.”

Director Martin Borley-Cox said: “By recreating some of Stan & Ollie’s classic sketches, you realise how clever they were. Even today, nearly 100 years after their first film together, they’re guaranteed to make you smile.”

Another Fine Mess is part of a double bill of plays. Its accompanying play is Housebound by Simon Mawdsley. Director Paul Fowler says it involves “a man in a mask and a woman in real trouble”. at the

Another Fine Mess and Housebound are performed at The Place on Saturday August 13 at 7.45pm.

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