Is new Monopoly with a big twist set to be the board game hit this Christmas?

New version of the iconic board game means it finally PAYS to be a sore loser

By Deborah Price, Local Democracy Reporter
Thursday, 12th November 2020, 6:00 am
Gamers could win with competition to celebrate launch
Gamers could win with competition to celebrate launch

The Sore Losers Small Claims Fund marks the arrival of Monopoly for Sore Losers, a bizarre twist in the family favourite.

As of yesterday (November 11), sore losers and their exhausted family and friends will be able to submit a claim to the Sore Losers Small Claims Fund for redemption against bad Monopoly etiquette.

Claims include false accusations, unsporting behaviour and damage to the game.

Sore Losers Monopoly is set to be a big hit this Christmas

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    And all people have to do is text ‘SORE LOSER’ to 80800 to submit a claim.

    Monopoly can be as frustrating as it is fun.

    And when (toy) money is involved it seems there is always a sore loser in every family.

    Has your opposition ever stormed off, thrown Monopoly money across the table when all you asked for was rent to visit your Mayfair hotel? Or are YOU the Sore Loser that friends and family won’t play with anymore? Well, Mr. Monopoly is here to help this Christmas apparently.

    The Sore Losers Small Claims Fund launched yesterday and is the chance for sore losers, and their family and friends, to wipe the slate clean and apply for a cash reimbursement for any previous Monopoly misdemeanours. With 92% of Brits admitting there is a sore loser in the family and one in four (26%) playing more board games this year with the national lockdowns rejuvenating the industry, the fund launch is timely.

    To apply, simply text SORE LOSER to 80800 and follow the simple instructions for your chance to claim. All successful applicants will receive a £20 cheque and a copy of the new gaeme. For Sore Losers game to avoid any future fall-outs. You can make a claim if you’ve exhibited or been privy to one of the following five behaviours:

    False accusations

    Incorrectly calling out that somebody cheated during the game

    Just because the banker is doing well does not automatically mean they’re skimming

    The MONOPOLY Meltdown

    Tantrums, foot-stomping, funny faces, sulking and claiming ‘it’s not fair’

    There’s no need to lose your cool in a long game, but if an alliance has been made that you don’t agree with or you’ve narrowly missed out on the Free Parking stash, there’s no need to have a meltdown

    Unsporting behaviour

    During game play one should conduct themselves in a fair, respectful, and gracious way

    Bickering about which token to choose; refusal to accept being served fees, fines or bills; throwing money across the table; or worst of all – leaving the game early

    Infringement of the rules

    Bending the rules in support of one player

    A sleight of hand often used by parents to avoid a MONOPOLY Meltdown. Not limited to, but including: slipping a player money, excusing a rent payment or claiming a different number appeared on the dice

    Damage to the game

    The board flip

    Tensions can run high, but a board flip can never be excused, even if you’ve been served jail time and someone is about to land on your newly purchased hotels

    The research revealed the most prominent behaviour displayed by a sore losers is sulking when losing, with 51% admitting to this trait. Over a quarter of Brits (28%) admit they stop playing the game half way through if they’re losing, whilst 14% confessed they’ve even gone as far as to flip the board.

    Looking at the family dynamic, siblings ranked as the biggest sore losers. With more men then women admitting to being a sore loser (27% vs 23%).

    Louisa Parast, marketing director at Hasbro UK & Ireland, said: “We all know a sore loser and we love to celebrate iconic heroes from sports stars to reality TV stars… We’ve all got a favourite moment, and they know who they are.”

    All claims to the MONOPOLY for Sore Losers fund should be submitted by 11th December 2020.