Experience an audience with Margaret Thatcher on stage

Pip Utton becomes Margaret Thatcher
Pip Utton becomes Margaret Thatcher

A ‘brave and strange’ show in which a man portrays Margaret Thatcher comes to the Quarry Theatre in Bedford on Tuesday January 26.

Billed as “not merely a reflection on how to portray this lady but a live audience with Margaret Thatcher”, Pip Utton assumes the role, espousing her logic and philosophies.

Known throughout the world for spellbinding portrayals of Adolf Hitler , Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens, Charlie Chaplin and many others, Maggie may well be probably Pip’s greatest challenge yet. He even risks taking audience questions, and answering them as Maggie.

The show was a hit at last year’s Edinburgh Festival. The Daily Telegraph described it as “The strangest, and possibly bravest, show of the Fringe”. The Stage hailed it as “a remarkable piece of research and memory” which “combines with Utton’s signature talent for becoming his character even when, as here, he does not physically resemble her, to create an evocative, provocative and altogether fascinating hour.”

Playing Maggie, which won the Fringe Review Oustanding Theatre Award 2015, starts at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £12 for adults. Call 01234 362337 to book. The theatre is in St Peter’s Street.