Dark Knight rising soon in Cardington

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HOLY Hollywood scoops, Batman! The Times & Citizen understands that pre-production work on the latest Batman film has started in north Beds.

The Dark Knight Rises is the third and final instalment of the film series about the Caped Crusader to be directed by Christopher Nolan.

Both the previous pictures - Batman Begins and The Dark Knight - have included numerous scenes shot at Cardington’s Hangar Number Two.

And it has long been touted that The Dark Knight Rises will include footage shot in the hangar.

Overall The Dark Knight Rises is believed to have a budget of $250 million. Filming began in Jodhpur, India earlier this month, and is scheduled to conclude in November.

Work on the new film has been shrouded in secrecy, although it will feature well-known Batman characters including Catwoman, Alfred the butler, Commissioner Gordon and Bane.

For the first two films the signs directing staff and crew to the set were given bogus film titles - Intimidation Game (Batman Begins) and Rory’s First Kiss (Dark Knight).

Bedfordshire County Council reckoned the first film was worth £5million to the local economy, and around 1,000 Bedfordians were cast as extras.