Bedford play tells the story of life as a teenage Muslim in Britain

Nyla Levy in The Diary of a Hounslow Girl
Nyla Levy in The Diary of a Hounslow Girl

A comic story of the dreams, aspirations and coming of a British Muslim girl comes to Bedford next week.

From traditional Pakistani weddings to fights on the night bus, The Diary of a Hounslow Girl is comical, bold and provocative play highlights the challenges of being brought up as a young woman in a traditional Muslim family alongside the temptations and influences growing up in and around London.

The phrase ‘Hounslow Girl’ has become a byword for young Muslim women who wear hooped earrings along with their headscarves, tussling with their traditional families while hustling their way in uwest London.

The play is written by Ambreen Razia, who is keen to re-establishing British Asian comedy within the UK, and is performed by Nyla Levy. Nyla’s credits include Radio 4 dramas Girlies, Pilgrim’s Progress and God at the Gate, while she has also performed in the films Love Eventually and Personality Aid.

The Diary of a Hounslow Girl comes to The Place on Tuesday March 14 at 7pm.

Tickets cost £10 or £8.50 for concessions.

Call 01234 354321 or visit to book.