Writer In Bedford Starts Season Two Of Podcast

It's easier to tell stories about other people. I think each episode of Shauna's Corner is a Polaroid. They are a snapshot of a moment in time and I think that vulnerability is honest and relatable.
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My name is Shauna-Marie Henry and I have been living in Bedford for three years now. I have written for Bedford Radio, and BBC Three Counties Radio and I have performed with poetry collective, Soul Food Poetry. Currently, I write for Slumber Studios (as mentioned in The New York Times, Bustle and Wall Street Journal). I am twenty-one. In the late hours of May 13th 2023, I purchased a microphone. It would be a month before I would publish a podcast episode.

A Little Bit About The Show

I have published fifteen episodes, some lovingly named, The Cave Is Lovely, A Few Words On Life (From A Twenty-Something-Year-Old), What I Know About Love and most recently, So, I'm Talking To Depression.

Shauna's Corner: The Podcast Album ArtShauna's Corner: The Podcast Album Art
Shauna's Corner: The Podcast Album Art

I am tackling big topics like psychology, humanity and philosophy with a personal lens. So far I've covered Brené Brown's research on vulnerability, Will Smith's memoir and motivation, Plato's allegory of the cave all interwoven with my experience at school, mental health diagnoses and films that have changed my life.

The show is called Shauna's Corner and is available on Audible, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

A Brief Origin Story

One honey-coloured afternoon, I sat on the floor of my flat next to my friend and mentor, Doreen. We discussed the full gamut of all things creative and I moaned that I did not know what to name my new show. Gazing stoically into a corner of my flat, she smiled and said, "Shauna's Corner." There was a moment of pause followed by laughter.

It was too perfect and the name had to be used. That was the day I turned twenty-one. The day afterwards, I recorded and posted my first podcast episode to Spotify.

Why A Podcast?

There are so many podcasts in the world already. Truthfully, I didn't let that bother me. There is so much for me to say. That burning feeling in my chest overrides any fear of being small or unoriginal. And while I love writing stories, not everyone finds it easy to read. There is also a huge population of the world that are illiterate. No one should be deprived of stories. So I'll keep writing and recording and reach people with a medium they can understand

Even when I listen back to a recording, something beyond words is captured. A pause here or there, a chuckle, a crack in my voice. These are more than my own stories, they are human stories. And it is in their humanity that I hope you find comfort.

Shauna-Marie Henry is a British writer and performance poet. It should be noted that she drinks copious amounts of camomile tea and hopes to continue writing against all notions of being a rational human being. Shauna-Marie’s script, The Jew, The Atheist & The Christian, was performed by actors and aired on Bedford Radio on the 27th of December 2021.

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