Review: DMA's at Craufurd Arms

Last year, DMA's headlined Esquires in Bedford, full of swagger, leisurewear and baseball caps with an acoustic led indie sound harking back to the glory days of Britpop at its most captivating.

Less than 12 months on, the Aussie trio returned to the region last night to headline a sold out show at the Craufurd Arms – one of a handful of UK shows before the band continue their jaunt across the world.

So what’s changed since DMA’s were last in these parts?

First and foremost, the band have released their debut album Hills End which came out to largely positive reviews.

Secondly, anyone who has spent any time on London’s Underground in recent months will have seen their faces plastered across the network as part of a sizeable publicity drive behind the band.

Joining DMA’s at Craufurd were Bedford quartet The Scruff who opened with a sold set of fast paced indie rock which went down a storm.

DMA’s comprise of a core of Tommy O’Dell, Matt Mason and Johnny Took but live, they sensibly boost their ranks to double that.

The added value those extra members brought was among the first thing to hit those lucky enough to get a ticket for Thursday’s show.

As DMA’s walked on stage and kicked into set opener Timeless, the wall of noise was immense.

With two electric guitarists, a bassist and an acoustic guitarist on stage, (besides a formidable frontman and drummer), the band were easily able to not only recreate the sound of their album, but ensure there was barely a dip in intensity all night.

It took a few songs for DMA’s to properly swing into gear and for the Craufurd crowd to respond accordingly, but before long, fans were singing along to every word.

Delete provided a brief slowdown in proceedings with virtually all of the venue, arms aloft, signing as one.

DMA’s kept chatter to a minimum with their 12 songs set comprising of tracks from their debut and last year’s self-titled EP, ending with Hills End closer Play It Out.

While their debut packs a punch, there’s certain occasions where some of the songs don’t quite have the huge anthemic choruses you’d hope, but it was few and far between.

The reality for DMA’S is that their timing couldn’t be better.

Almost 20 years to the day since Oasis’ legendary headline set at Maine Road in Manchester, Britpop nostalga is bigger than ever.

Club nights and tribute shows are selling out across the county and it’s no surprise DMA’s have been able to capatlise on the back of an older fan base yearning for a revival of that sound and younger indie fans looking for something, new, ballsy and exciting.

If DMA’s headline set at Craufurd proved one thing, it’s that they currently have an army of fans worshiping their every move.

DMA’s played:


Too Soon

Straight Dimensions

Feels Like 37

In The Moment


Lay Down

So We Know


Your Low


Play It Out

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