Going live...

Friday night is performers' night at The Song Loft in Stony Stratford, and this week's session includes a live set from MK's own Hope in High Water.


Their fusion is one that incorporates folk, blues and country into its British take on acoustic Americana, and it’s a sound favoured by us.

Their 2015 single Who’s Gonna Hold Your Hand was a treat, a haunting release evoking a time gone by, but with a sentiment relevant for each of us.

A new EP, When Sorrow Calls, is coming next month, and will build nicely on recent plaudits – including Radio 1 airplay, features in R2 magazine and a bucketload of glowing reviews from the media at large.

We’ll have more on the new release, and forthcoming plans in the near future, but really, make time to pop to The Cock Hotel for a listen tomorrow night.

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    > Kirk Brandon will be live at The Craufurd Arms this Friday evening with an acoustic show for fans.

    The man Mojo magazine declared is ‘one of the UK’s best kept secrets’ will have plenty of material from which to choose; As the voice of Spear of Destiny, Theatre of Hate and Dead Man Walking, Kirk has 15 studio albums under his belt.

    During the last nine years alone he has issued six acoustic solo studio albums.

    The most recent of these, DM5, has already become the best-seller in the series, and features a couple of Theatre of Hate interpretations, a James Bond theme and a Country and Western cover of a Ry Cooder number. Typically untypical stuff, then.

    Joining Kirk for the show, part of the aKoustik 2016 live trek, will be cellist extraordinaire Sam Sansbury.

    Tickets are £10 in advance, and doors open at 8pm.

    The latest in the season of Sunday Sessions at MK11 is set for this weekend, with a typically taut bill of live stuff ready to be aired.

    Making the music this time around will be Chris Beck, who says he is a little bit folk, a little bit country, and a little bit rock n roll.

    Essentially, there should be a little bit of what you fancy on offer here, then.

    It’s been a very long time since JJ King has graced these pages, but he’s still at work and feeling the fret.

    Ask him nicely and he might break into a rendition of Princess for you.

    Rory Okane is also signed up, along with our pal, the player known as Manny and the Coloured Sky.

    Doors at 6.30pm, music through to 10.30pm.

    Admission is free, and there will be food and wet stuff waiting at the bar.