Console Corner: Call of Duty World War 2 review

COD returns to its roots and it was well worth the wait.

Call of Duty World War 2 is a welcome homecoming for the series
Call of Duty World War 2 is a welcome homecoming for the series

The Call of Duty series may have a limited set of parameters it can operate in but going back to its roots for World War 2 was always going to be a risk.

A return to a time of less advanced technology and more primitive weaponry (and no double jumps!) could be seen a regressive particularly as the world wars have been done before and done well at that.

But by taking great care in every element from campaign to multiplayer and zombie mode, CODWW2 sidesteps all potential issues and concerns in what is a long-awaited return to the series’ roots.

But this isn’t just a satisfactory new entry into the franchise to mop up more cash from COD-hungry fans the world over. Not one bit. Instead Sledgehammer Games manages to take Call of Duty back to WW2 while making it feel like a totally new experience.

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    War is a superb take on the class MP Rush mode although a lack of maps from the off is a big frustration.

    In truth the game could earn respectable review scores off the back of the excellently crafted campaign alone which had me gripped.

    The new headquarters - think Destiny in muddy trenches - is a great hub although newbies may struggle with the UI at first (I didn’t but a few of my friends moan about it).

    Meanwhile, multiplayer progression is as addictive and satisfying as ever without too steep a learning curve or too much of a grind.

    I have played Zombies mode the least but that is just down to personal preference more than anything. However, for the purposes of the review I delved deeper than I perhaps usually would and am happy to report it is also a rewarding if challenging experience.

    Overall this is a fast-paced COD in a classic setting and while not perfect provides a solid update which will quench the thirst of hardcore fans while also thrilling those new to the series.