FEATURE: Harding discusses his strong performance programme

Sacha Harding, right
Sacha Harding, right

“Because it gets the job done, it’s going to get you fitter, it’s going to get you stronger and it’s going to get you leaner, fact.”

That’s the message from former Bedford Blue player Sacha Harding about his strong performance programme.

“What we’re trying to encourage here is to go back to basics and get people moving and getting them fit and eating well, ultimately if you do that you’ll 100% feel better.”

Sacha Harding

The 32-year-old was always a fans favourite at Goldington Road for his commitment to the cause, and despite being forced to retire last season with injury; Harding has started his own personal training business in the town.

Located at 4-6 Sergeants Way and open six days a week, Harding’s strong performance programme is aimed at those looking to shred body fat and increase fitness levels via training methods that are proven to effective, bringing his hard work from the rugby field to his current place of work – the gym.

Speaking on site where there is a variety of specialist equipment on show, Harding described his programme with true pride, he said: “The strong programme that we run is high intensity strong man training, it’s basically modified strong man training designed to shred body fat, increase fitness and strength.

“It’s been very effective with the people we’ve trained, we’ve been running it for almost a year now and we’ve got a very big community building and it’s growing all the time, it’s pretty hardcore but it gets the job done.”

The strong performance programme doesn’t just provide you with a list of exercises to complete; it’s a personal service that includes nutritional advice and exact planning of your time that will benefit your fitness levels, whatever your profession, something Harding believes is vital to being happy with who you are.

He continued: “We as humans are designed to move, designed to run and play. Too much of life now is too convenient, we don’t have to move or do anything and I think that’s a bad idea.

“What we’re trying to encourage here is to go back to basics and get people moving and getting them fit and eating well, ultimately if you do that you’ll 100% feel better.

“You will look better and therefore you’ll be happier, and that’s we’re trying to achieve here, we’re trying to make people feel better and happier.”

The 2010 ‘manliest man in Britain’ winner made his final appearance in the Bedford Blue at home to Jersey in the last game of last season, but decided to hang up his boots to concentrate on his personal training business.

It is understandable that after making 200 appearances for the club, and playing regularly for 13 years, he misses pulling on the shirt on a Saturday afternoon.

With the obvious importance to fitness to both professions, Harding feels it was an easy transition to make.

He said: “I always really enjoyed the training side of rugby in staying fit and being strong, I kind of hung my hat on my fitness when I was playing.

“I’ve also found I’m always quite a motivating character and those were the aspects I was sort of good at at rugby and I’ve just tried to bring that to my work.

“So it’s been quite a natural transition for me personally, I’m not sure if it’s the same for everyone but for me it’s been great to be honest.

“However saying all that I must admit I do really miss playing, 100%. Although I’m also enjoying doing what I’m doing outside of rugby, enjoying a bit of freedom as rugby is pretty much 12 months a year now with the training you have to do in the summer and the commitment throughout the season.

“Being able to travel a bit more, but yeah I do miss 3 o’clock Saturday and when I go down and watch the boys.

“I’m itching to get the boots out and be out there with them, but my time has gone now and it’s a bit easier to go down Goldington Road now and being able to have a few beers!”

With his rugby career over, Harding is relishing the opportunity to be a personal trainer and help the people of Bedford to become fitter and healthier, the same people who supported him weekly when he was wearing the Blue of Bedford on the rugby field.

For more information about his business, visit https://www.facebook.com/SachaHardingPT/timeline or https://www.facebook.com/StrongProgramme to discover how Harding’s strong performance programmes can make a huge benefit to your life.