Broken collar bone ends Gwen's season with Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club

Round-up by Stephen Mussett
Grant Orsborn in the Finsbury Park 50-mileGrant Orsborn in the Finsbury Park 50-mile
Grant Orsborn in the Finsbury Park 50-mile

Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club s Gwen Warren suffered a painful end to her season on Saturday at the National Masters Circuit Race Championships in Leicester. Warren fell at the mid-point of the multi-lap race, and suffered a broken collar bone. “It was feeling like a great race until then - I was loving it” said Warren, who now faces a lengthy time away from the saddle.

Bedfordshire Road Race Team competed in the men's event at the same venue, being represented by Simon Norman, Mike Cowland and Stuart Gough. All three placed in the top fifteen in their categories, with Cowland achieving a fantastic seventh place, against some of the best circuit racers in the UK.

Matt Donovan, Grant Orsborn and Graham Laming experienced grim conditions in the Finsbury Park CC 50 mile Time Trial on Sunday. Donovan and Orsborn completed the event, with Laming retiring in the rain, to preserve his training effort for his forthcoming 24 hour TT in USA.

Also in Sunday Time Trial action was Mim Taylor-Carter, who travelled to Reading CC 25 mile Open event. Reaping the benefits of her pre-season training, Taylor-Carter rode a personal best time of 1:01:50, improving her time by almost 4 minutes, and finishing as third lady.

Finally, the Clubs Thursday Evening League continued in perfect conditions, which allowed competitors to produce some excellent results. Mim Taylor-Carter was fastest lady again, with Ian Knight of MKRC winning overall, and Thomas Robb fastest BRCC male.

Results - BRCC Members & 1st Claim only:

1. Thomas Robb, 23:34; 2. Richard Kennington, 24:12; 3. Mark Gray, 25:51; 4. Christian Cormack, 26:11; 5. Miriam Taylor, 26:28; 6. Marco Lattughi, 27:47; 7. David Cook, 28:18; 8. Nigel Faircloth, 28:21; 9. Keith Black, 28:30; 10. Juliet Smith, 28:55; 11. Joanne Woodcock, 29:04; 12. Ed Stivala, 29:28; 13. Steve Mussett, 30:26; 14. Nick Porter, 31:01; 15. Francis Sykes, 32:45; 16. Natacha Ha-Cheng, 33:57; 17. Terry Sykes, 40:11;

BRCC welcomes road cyclists of all abilities, and runs an accredited Go Ride programme of events for junior riders.

The image is of Grant Orsborn in action on Sunday