Bedford racing driver Alex Walker joins sport's Rising Stars

Former Bedford School student has been recognised by the British Racing Driver’s Club as one of the country’s promising talents

Alex Walker
Alex Walker

Bedford racing driver Alex Walker, 18, has been recognised by the British Racing Driver’s Club (BRDC) as one of the country’s leading rising talents, an accolade previously awarded to Lewis Hamilton MBE.

Alex, a former Bedford School student, was scouted by a member of the BRDC Rising Stars Scouts Panel in 2021 and following a selection process involving a meeting at Silverstone, was awarded Rising Star Status and membership of BRDC.

Following Alex’s huge successes in single seater racing in 2021, Alex’s soaring career in motorsport is on track to rocket further in 2022 with him looking to race in Sportscars in the UK or Europe, or remaining for another season in single seater racing, hopefully in F3. During the last few months, Alex was selected by Aston Martin, BMW, McLaren and Porsche for evaluations for their young driver programmes, driving at the Grand Prix tracks at both Silverstone and Barcelona.

Alex Walker

And now, he is seeking the help of Bedford businesses.

Walker says: “We are looking for someone to help us with buying the car for the six month racing season, with their investment, i.e. the value of the car, being returned to them in the autumn. By sponsoring me, they would be invited to watch me racing at the British GT events across the UK, come along to Silverstone as my guest to enjoy the BRDC Clubhouse for a leading event and be driven around the Grand Prix track in something fast!

“Ultimately, the sponsors would have the chance to be an instrumental part of our team and join me on my racing journey towards the Le Mans 24 Hour Race.”

To find out more, email [email protected]

Alex Walker in action