Awards time for Bedford Hockey Club - full list of winners

By Jean Fitch

By Zoe Ashton
Thursday, 9th June 2022, 4:34 pm
Bedford players with the Welsh National Over 55s
Bedford players with the Welsh National Over 55s

When the Welsh National Women’s Over 55s squad were looking for a team to take them on for a training match, in preparation for their Four Nations Championships in June, and their World Cup Tournament in Cape Town in October, Bedford were only too happy to oblige.

St Albans was the venue for the head-to-head, with the Bedford squad consisting predominantly of their Women’s Masters, bolstered by a few of the Club’s younger talent.

The match, played in quarters, was very evenly matched, with action moving from end to end and both teams having direct strikes on goal. Into the final quarter, the score remained 0-0.

With under 10 minutes still to play, one of the Welsh forwards finally slotted the ball away, breaking the deadlock. Then, just as the final whistle was about to blow, Wales were awarded a Penalty Corner, the strike on goal finding a Welsh stick and deflecting over the heads of the Bedford defence to find the top corner of the net.

The weekend also saw the Club celebrating its Annual Awards ceremony, an event which hadn’t been possible for the past 2 seasons. The trophies mark success on the pitch, for both teams and individuals, and recognise those who make an outstanding contribution to making the Club the excellent place it is.

Ladies’ Masters Player of the Season – Sue Phillips

Men’s Vets Player of the Season – Pete Lickiss

Ladies’ 7th Team Players Player – Sophie Smith

Men’s 6th Team Players Player – Michael Isreal

Ladies’ 6th Team Players Player - Brooke Tinniswood

Men’s 5th Team Players Player – Harry Bennett

Ladies’ 5th Team Players Player – Mia Pountney

Men’s 4th Team Players Player – Lewis Riley

Ladies’ 4s Team Players Player – Alisha McLeod

Men’s 3rd Team Players Player – Ben Oakley

Ladies’ 3rd Team Players Player – Annie Mabin

Men’s 2nd Team Players Player – Rodger Crystal

Ladies’ 2nd Team Players Player – Niamh Lowe-Davies

Men’s 1st Team Players Player – Rob Shearer

Ladies’ 1st Team Players Player – Kelly Bingham

Umpire Services – Lucy Sellers

Pierre Weston – Most Improved Men’s Player – Dan Tonkin

Elaine Harvey – Most Improved Ladies Player – Erin MacFarlaine

Woodrow Trophy – Men’s Young Player of the Season – Josh Stewart

Cod Cup – Ladies Young Player of the Season – Ceryl Peppiatt

Alan Rushden – Men’s Top Scorer – Josh Dixon

Darrah Shield – Ladies Top Scorer – Bea Burak

Men’s Player of the Season – Rob Shearer

Durham Trophy – Ladies Player of the Season – Charlotte Goodson, Ella Litchfield & Brooke Tinniswood

Narwi Lotay – Men’s Team of the Season – Men’s 5s

The Val Robinson Ladies Team Award – Ladies’ 5s

Services to the Men’s Section – Ruaridh Nicholson

Deb Weiland - Services to the Ladies Section – Sam Skelton & Claire Higginson

BHC Tankard – Services to the Club – Sue Peppiatt, Debbie Wilson & Dave Parratt