Tuck into this memory

HERE’S a photo from the Pat Lovering collection which will revive lots of pleasant memories.

It’s the Tuck Shop by the Green in Houghton Regis, which was open on Sundays at a time when most of the other village shops were closed. Children loved it!

The pointed roof of the Red House is clearly visible as well as part of the roof of the old Thomas Whitehead school.

This stood on the Green until 1967 before opening on its present site in Angels Lane.

The lady getting out of her Morris car is Mrs Faiers, wife of the man who became the school’s headmaster.

She carefully wrote the date, 1953, on the back of the photo.

Frank Faiers, who died in 1972, is commemorated at the school by the charred remains of a wooden cross, presented in his memory but damaged in a disastrous fire in 1975.

The first Angels Lane building was destroyed in the blaze, caused by a firework pushed through a letterbox. The cross was rescued from the wreckage.

> Yesteryear is compiled by John Buckledee, chairman of Dunstable and District Local History Society

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