Let there be light

HOW many workmen does it take to put up a set of traffic lights?

Saturday, 3rd December 2011, 10:21 am

Judging by these pictures, quite a few more than it takes to paint a zebra crossing.

Britain’s first traffic lights were installed in 1868, outside the Houses of Parliament, but it was many more years before they arrived in Luton.

It’s hardly a major news story today, but it was a big event when lights were erected, above, on the corner of George Street and Chapel Street in October 1949 – so the Luton News sent a photographer.

Is that the foreman with his hands in his pockets in the foreground?

George Street traffic lights were removed when the road was pedestrianised.

In October 1953, right, the paper covered the repainting of the zebra crossing at the Manchester Street end of Bridge Street. But was there a ‘Wet Paint’ sign to warn the lady in the bottom picture that work was still in progress as she crossed?