Flats the way to do it

HEALTH and safety officials would come down on this building firm like a ton of bricks if this sort of behaviour went on today!

Workmen employed by Eastbourne firm Llewellyn Quikbild were perched precariously on this house on the Hockwell Ring estate as it neared completion in 1966, particularly the four up on the roof. The quartet were eventually sitting down on the job when they posed for Luton News photographer Mick Hawes in the smaller picture.

The images were part of a series showing Hockwell Ring under construction that year, including the 14-storey blocks of flats, two of which are pictured top right.

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The photo bottom right shows civic dignitaries at the official opening of one of the blocks. Among the group are Mayor of Luton Samuel Gonshor (second left) and town councillor Gwilym Roberts (third right), who was MP for South Bedfordshire from 1966 to 1970.

The pictures were discovered by staff at Luton Museum following last week’s Yesteryear page feature on Dorset Court high-rise flats at Park Town and flats at Hockwell Ring and Marsh Farm.

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