Golf round-up: Bedford golfers play in memory of Jim and Caroline Dell + Pavenham Park results

Bedford & County Golf Club saw 22 pairs competing for the Jim and Caroline Dell Quiachs – a mixed greensomes stableford.

By Zoe Ashton
Wednesday, 25th May 2022, 12:11 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th May 2022, 5:06 pm
Winners Andy and Brenda
Winners Andy and Brenda

Popular members Jim and Caroline both very sadly passed away unexpectedly within a few years of each other and a bottle tombola helped to raise £250 for Cynthia Spencer Hospice, where they received excellent care.

The scores were incredibly close with three pairs on 43 points. Jocelyn Binks won nearest the pin on the 5th and this helped her and husband Steve into third place. Second were David and Josephine Toes and retaining the trophy from last year were Brenda Gibbons and Andrew Bradley.

The club were delighted to see that honorary member, Sam Horsefield triumphed in Antwerp at the Soudal Open, a DP World Tour event. Sam has been injured for three months and had not won since 2020. He came in on -13, two shots better than his nearest rival Yannik Paul.


Ladies Tuesday stableford; Winner Linda Stock 40 pts, runner up on c/b Elaine Thornton 38 pts, 3rd Jocelyn Binks 38 pts

Men’s mid week medal: Division One winner Paul Tomblin 71, runner up Ian Butcher 72; Division Two winner on c/b Ron Etheridge 69, runner up Nigel Lewin 69; Division Three winner Paul Wilson 66, runner up Philip Burnham 72

Men’s Saturday medal: Division One winner Paul Black 68, runner up Stephen Sargeant 72: Division Two winner on c/b Martin Avenia 71, runner up Steve Hogg 71; Division Three winner Robert Henman 65, runner up Bob Goodwin 68

Ladies shield match: Mount Pleasant 4.5 Bedford & County 2.5


Ladies Weekend Medal

Div 1

1st Jane Bonner nett 72

2nd Merlyn Webb nett 73

Div 2

1st Carolyn McGiffen nett 74

Ladies Midweek Medal

Div 1

1st Jane Bonner nett 64 County Seniors Winner

2nd Louise Roberts nett 67

3rd Heather Stephenson nett 71 c/b

Div 2

1st Carolyn McGiffen nett 76

2nd Denise Fleure nett 78 c/b

Midweek Stableford

Div 1

1st Robert Price 34pts

2nd Drew Glennie 32pts

Div 2

1st Paul Bird 42pts

2nd Neal Walker 37pts c/b

Div 3

1st Jim Wildsmith 42pts

2nd James Maher 40pts

Div 4

1st Phil Mann 39pts

2nd John Dainty 38pts

Seniors Pairs

1st Peter Kiszel 49pts

Danny Hodrien

2nd Chris O’Reilly 47pts

Charlie Glover

3rd Paul Smith 46pts c/b

Steve C Smith

President V Vice President

1st Bernie Nyasula 82pts

Raj Patel

2nd Linda Darbon 80pts

Anne Beckett

3rd Lloyd Paul 79pts

Martin White

4th June Russell 76pts

Suzie Bishop

President’s team won by 8pts

Seniors’ Medal

Div 1

1st Charlie Berry nett 67

2nd Ian Rogers nett 67

3rd Peter Brown nett 69 c/b

4th John Umney nett 69

Div 2

1st Paul Smith nett 66 c/b

2nd John Economides nett 66

3rd Dave Atkins nett 67 c/b

4th Brian Farman nett 67

Lady Captain’s Day

1st Judy Greevy 45pts

2nd Heather Stephenson 42pts

3rd Julie Davies 41pts

4th Agnes Inness 40pts c/b

5th Sue Long 40pts

Midweek Stableford

1st Richard Stone 42pts

2nd Mitch Crook 37pts c/b

3rd Andy Craig 37pts c/b

Seniors Roll Up

1st Terry Woodward 40pts

2nd Charlie Berry 39pts c/b

3rd Peter Brown 39pts c/b

4th Andrew McCann 39pts c/b

5th Peter Julyan 39pts

Morgan Cup

1st Paul Bunker 46pts

Mick Ryding

2nd Hernak Singh 44pts

Raj Chahal

3rd Keith Ashpole 43pts c/b

Barry Bavington

Junior Alex Rizzi Trophy

1st Woody Newton-Cootes 5UP

Mixed League Modified Australian Stableford

1st Paul Bird 88pts

Jane Bonner

2nd Dave Stephenson 86pts c/b

Heather Stephenson

Seniors A&T Trophy

1st Peter Julyan 8UP

2nd Bernard Henry 7UP c/b

3rd Robin Mowe 7UP

4th Michael Taylor 6UP c/b

5th Bob Ingram 6UP c/b

Ladies Stableford

1st Anne Beckett 41pts c/b

2nd Heather Stephenson 41pts

3rd Chris Lawry 40pts c/b

4th Merlyn Webb 40pts

Midweek Medal

Div 1

1st Jack Healy nett 70 c/b

2nd Nigel Robinson nett 70 c/b

Div 2

1st Ellis Bell nett 69

2nd Neal Walker nett 71

Div 3

1st Bernie Nyasula nett 72

2nd Ray De Branco nett 74

Div 4

1st Gio Saralli nett 62

Seniors Roll Up

1st Jim Duffield 43pts

2nd Paul Campion 41pts c/b

3rd John Salter 41pts

4th James Hewlett 40pts

Ladies Weekend Stableford

1st Linda Darbon 39pts

President’s Day Ladies

1st Suzie Bishop nett 73 c/b

2nd Anne Beckett nett 73

President’s Day

1st Rob Nicol nett 66

2nd Simon Cox nett 69 c/b

3rd Suki Thiarra nett 69 c/b

4th Tony Keating nett 69

5th Alfonso Cauteruccio nett 70 c/b

6th Michael Kelly nett 70 c/b

Putting Trophy was won by Owen Pepper-Thompson (25 putts)

Seniors Roll Up

1st Kevin Hanwell 42pts c/b

2nd James Hewlett 42pts

3rd Paul Leinster 40pts c/b

4th Michael Pearce 40pts c/b

5th John Umney 40pts

Midweek Stableford

Div 1

1st Nigel Robinson 36pts c/b

2nd Paul McGrady 36pts

Div 2

1st Colin Wright 39pts

2nd Ali Smith 37pts c/b

Div 3

1st Ian Hutchings 35pts

2nd Marcus Allen 34pts

Div 4

1st Paul Bunker 34pts

2nd Tom Graham 32pts c/b