Quiz: Who said it - Sam Allardyce or Mike Bassett?

Sam Allardyce was only in charge of the England team for one game, but he has already stepped down 'by mutual agreement' after what the FA called inappropriate conduct.
Who said it, Allardyce or Bassett?Who said it, Allardyce or Bassett?
Who said it, Allardyce or Bassett?

The former manager was caught in a newspaper investigation that claimed he offered advice on how to get around player transfer rules.

According to the Telegraph investigation, ‘Big Sam’ negotiated a deal with a reporter posing as a businessmen purporting to represent a Far East firm that was hoping to profit from the English Premier League’s multi-billion pound transfer market.

Allardyce took no prisoners when conversing with the faux-businessmen, swiping out at predecessor Roy Hodgson, as well as the FA, for their decision to regenerate Wembley.

The scandal has provided news outlets with soundbites galore, which got us thinking – how does Sam Allardyce compare to Ricky Tomlinson’s no-nonsense, loud mouthed character Mike Bassett (of Mike Bassett: England Manager fame)?

We’ve compiled a list of quotes from the pair of them. See if you can guess who said what.