Mystified Buckle still in the dark over Rowe Turner suspension

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Mystified Hatters boss Paul Buckle is still in the dark over why defender Lathaniel Rowe-Turner was sent off in injury time during the 1-0 defeat at Barrow on Saturday, writes Mark Wood.

The athletic defender was dismissed after tangling with goalscorer Adam Boys in stoppage time and Town failed with their appeal this week.

Rowe-Turner is now set to serve a three-match ban, starting with the visit of Forest Green Rovers on Saturday and followed by Tuesday’s trip to Dartford and the FA Cup fifth round against Millwall next weekend.

Buckle said: “It’s violent conduct. It’s ridiculous.

“It’s not ideal losing Rowe-Turner, we appealed, I wouldn’t have appealed if I didn’t think I had a 100 per cent absolute chance of getting it overruled, it hasn’t happened.

“It’s strange really, I don’t see that the boy’s done anything wrong. Up to now I’ve not been told what he’s done wrong all I’ve been told is that the three games stand and I’m hugely disappointed.”

Buckle admitted he was surprised that their appeal had been unsuccessful and condemned Barrow’s response to the incident at the time, although they have more recently offered to help the Hatters have it overturned.

The Town chief added: “That process is there for a reason. They’re human being, they make mistakes like we all do.

“I think if you make a mistake and you send someone off in the heat of the moment, and I’ve to say that, although Dave Bayliss has apparently rung Alan Neilson this morning to say that he would help us in our quest because he saw nothing wrong, if I remember rightly there wasn’t a great reaction from their bench.

“I think everyone piled over into something that was nothing, it was absolutely nothing at all.

“And I’ve looked at it, and looked at it and looked at it, and Snoop’s an honest boy.

“After the game he said ‘I’ve done nothing’, and he’s actually laid on the floor and the lad is on top of him, holding him.

“It’s a crazy decision and one now that’s going to hurt us because he has been in really good form Rowe-Turner.”