Wright urges Town to start winning ugly

STRIKER Tommy Wright believes his new side could do with taking a leaf out of league leaders Wrexham’s book after Tuesday night’s defeat, writes Mike Simmonds.

The Red Dragons came to Kenilworth Road intent on spoiling the match and eventually ended up taking the three points courtesy of a late goal.

Wright said: “I think that was a fine example, what they did to us there. It was a professional performance. They’ve come here and have done a job.

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“That’s maybe what we need to get, the nitty horrible stuff into our game.

“It’s all right playing pretty stuff all the time and beating teams five, but that’s the sort of game you need to get something and we need to learn fast.”

His views were echoed by manager Gary Brabin, who said: “One of the things I’ve said is we need to stat winning ugly.

All the teams who have gone up in the past, the Crawleys, Stevenages, have been able to win games ugly.

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Wrexham have taken that on board. They’ve got good players, are a good club, but they’ve used a 4-5-1 formation and are top of the league on merit.”

The tactics that Wrexham used at times were questionable, but Wright admitted Luton’s frustration just played into their visitors’ hands.

He said: “It is frustrating, You get back into position, turn around and the keeper is pratting around with it in his own area.

“You’ve got to keep your head and not lose it, because it makes it worse.

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“The more fouls you give away, you are playing into their hands and they can timewaste even more.

“It was stop-start football and when it all spoils over like that, the minutes are ticking away, that’s what they want as they can run the clock down.”

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