UPDATED: Rain could still have a say with Town’s players champing at the bit

Hatters boss John Still is keen for his side to get back into action this weekend when Nuneaton Town visit Kenilworth Road, but admitted the weather could again still have a say, writes Mark Wood.

Thursday, 23rd January 2014, 9:16 pm
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Last Saturday’s visit of Wrexham was cancelled due to waterlogged pitch and, although the weather has been largely dry since, heavy rain is predicted tomorrow (Friday) and could still affect the fixture.

But after a week off Still’s players are champing at the bit to finally get back into action.

On the condition of the Kenilworth Road pitch, he said: “Not great I don’t think, but we’ve got 48 hours. I know the weather forecast isn’t great, but I always go ‘how it is, is how it is’.

“We can’t do anything about that, all we can do is try and get ourselves ready for when we do play, but keep our fingers crossed.”

But after a week off Still’s players are champing at the bit to finally get back into action.

He said: “When there’s no midweek game I don’t think it’s a problem. But I think we’re creatures of habit and if it’s Saturday you want to play football.

“And I think we probably would have been OK if we hadn’t have played the Barnet game. I think the pitch would have recovered, but I think the amount of rain we’ve had and the amount of work they can do on the pitch we’ve not really been able to get it where we want it.

“I think the amount of rain we had just made it too difficult.”

Town were disappointed to have last Saturday’s home game against Wrexham called off because of the weather and, although they haven’t played in the league since their goalless draw at Lincoln City on January 4, Still revealed they had been able to get some football in.

He said: “It’s a dual-edged sword. I think that because of the conditions, the weather, particularly the last home game we played, the Barnet game was atrocious conditions.

“A little break came at the right time. It’s a week too long, but we managed to get a game on ourself this week where we managed to give everybody a game.

“So we’ve managed to get some football in, and I think the break would have helped them. I think they’ll get back into it, I don’t see why not.”

But he’s keen to avoid losing too many fixtures and avoid any form of backlog.

Still added: “We want to play, but fortunately we’re not behind on games, we haven’t got a backlog.

“But you don’t need to have too many games off to get a backlog. It will be good if we can get the game on.”