Town never ‘let their foot off the gas’ against Tamworth asserts Still

Hatters boss John Still was adamant that his side never ‘let their foot off the gas’ as they hung on to triumph 4-3 at Tamworth on Saturday, writes Mark Wood.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 22nd October 2013, 1:09 pm
Tamworth v Luton Town. Photos by Liam Smith. wk 43.
Tamworth v Luton Town. Photos by Liam Smith. wk 43.

Town almost let a 4-1 lead slip as they were forced to weather a later barrage by the Lambs.

He said: “Never once was the foot come off the gas. If the foot had come off the gas we’d have got beat. Never once did the foot come off the gas.

“Some players might not have reacted well in defensive areas, never once did we take our foot off the gas.

“Players gave everything they had, whether they played well or not they certainly 100 per cent never took their foot off the gas.

“All I know is that every player that plays for me has to work his absolute socks off.”

And despite shipping three goals Still believes they defended quite well, apart from long balls into the box.

He said: “This is the crazy thing, we were saying in there. If I analyse the game, we actually defended really, really well other than when they were knocking long balls and throws into our box.

“Up to there we defended fine. So we have to go back to work on Monday, the manager has to do his job, which is to go through this with them.

“I’ll show them the DVD but I have to say, it is not easy to defend against, it really isn’t. They’ve got big lads, whether they’re good players, bad players or indifferent.

“Big lads, great delivery, the throws from both sides, it’s tough, it really is. But we scored four goals away from home and got another three points.”

Still admitted Tamworth’s comeback had made for a nervy finish and battling midfielder Jonathan Smith was delighted they had been able to hold out.

He said: “I think before the game I’d have taken a 1-0 like I would every game.

“I’m desperate to do well for this club and I think all the lads are working so hard and we are all delighted with the win in the end.

“The gaffer said to us, they made it like a cup tie and it was always going to be tough coming here.

“And once they got one back it gives them that lift and they made it difficult for us, it was a tough, tough match that.

“I think fair play to the lads, when they got their third one there were 15-20 minutes to go and the lads stayed strong from there. So fair play to everyone for holding on and getting the vital three points.”

High-scoring matches have become something of a trend for the Hatters in recent weeks having now scored 25 goals in their last eight games, with three threes and four fours, and conceded 12.

And experienced striker Paul Benson, who netted twice on the day, knows there is plenty to work on.

He said: “I was disappointed we went a goal behind, then also disappointed that at 4-1 up we’ve let them back in the game.

“But when a team goes 4-1 down there’s nothing to lose, they’ll throw three or four up front and look for anything and fair play to them they came back into it.

“And fair play to us, we dug in for the last 15 minutes to go and managed to hold on and win.

“It wasn’t good, it probably wasn’t great to watch for the supporters, but sometimes when you want to be successful you’ve got to do these ugly things and today we’ve done that.

“It’s becoming a bit of theme at the moment. High scorelines, a complete contrast to when I first came when it was 1-0s and 0-0s.

“In a game of football a win’s a win and three points is three points. Whether it’s 4-3 or 1-0.

“Obviously a 4-3 there’s thing to work with and things the gaffer’s not happy about, defensively and so on, just like he wouldn’t have been happy with a 0-0 attacking-wise.

“The way we look at it as players though is three points and we’ll move on next week with the performance and try and go again next week.”

Town once again came from behind in the encounter and their ability to fight back in games has given them a real resolve.

Benson added: “As much as we don’t want to be falling behind in games, because it makes it that little bit harder, it’s nice to know that if we are behind it’s not a lost cause and we can come back and we can win the game.

“In that respect it’s good that we can do that, but we don’t want to be falling behind in the first place and that’s something again we need to work on because if we can go a goal up it just makes it so much easier to go on and win the game.”