Still to sort out Gray’s ‘petty conflict’ although Hatters not appealing Thomas dismissal

Hatters boss John Still will address the issue with Andre Gray face to face before Town take the field at Stockport County this weekend, writes Mike Simmonds.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 28th February 2013, 4:44 pm

The forward, who signed a new contract recently, stormed off from the warm down at Braintree after appearing to exchange words with his team-mates.

Asked if he had been made aware of the incident, Still, speaking to the press this afternoon, said: “Yes. I haven’t done anything yet, because I haven’t had time, but we travel tomorrow and if he travels, then I’ll find out more

“He didn’t train today, he wasn’t well, the doc came in so we’ll see how he is tomorrow.

“There’s too many other things to do that moment, too many other things to worry about than petty conflicts.

“I’ll find out, I’ll address it and had a chat with the lads today then over the next few days, I can do a bit of one-on-one with them.

“By the end of next week, I’ll have done all my one-on-ones and can outline to players the John Still way, this is how John Still works.

“If it’s not for you then tell me and we can make other arrangements.

“You’re either with me or you’re not. Now remember this saying, you can’t be a little be pregnant, you’re with or you’re not.

“You can’t be with it Monday and Tuesday and not Wednesday, you’re with it it or you’re not. If you’re with it you’re going to enjoy fantastic success with me, if you’re not with it, you can go and try if find it somewhere else.”

Striker Jon Shaw will miss the trip with a hamstring injury, while Scott Rendell is also a doubt as Still continued: “I was really surprised how many people are injured to be honest but it is what it is.

“Scott didn’t train today, will he train tomorrow? Hopefully. With Jon we’re hoping it’s now short term and he may well be training within a few days.

“I try and say to players, how are you? They say a bit tired. I say, we’re playing Manchester United in the FA Cup on Saturday, would you be fit for that?
“And they say, oh yes I’d be fit for that. So be fit for this one.

“Come on you’ve got to push yourself as well, don’t be injured, it’s simple isn’t it.”

One player who definitely will be missing is Wayne Thomas after Still confirmed the club wouldn’t be appealing his red card at Braintree.

He added: “I watched the DVD and it doesn’t show the incident. The camera is focused on the guy throwing the ball and the next shot you see, it follows the ball.

“When it gets to their player and Wayne Thomas, they’re player is on his way down. It doesn’t show contact, so you wouldn’t be able to appeal it because they’d say you’ve got to show us that he didn’t do what the referee said he did, and it doesn’t show it, so it wasn’t possible.”

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