Still: Title race isn’t over yet

Town boss John Still doesn’t believe the title race is over despite Cambridge manager Richard Money conceding defeat, writes Mike Simmonds.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 10th March 2014, 2:04 pm
Cambridge boss Richard Money
Cambridge boss Richard Money

The two sides meet at the Abbey tomorrow night and when asked whether result would have a bearing on the destination of the trophy, Money said: “It’s over, it’s over. I think they’ve won 15 out of 16 games and scored 100 goals in doing so. It’s over.”

But that wasn’t the case according to Still, who when asked if that was mind games by Money, said: “I can’t speak for Richard Money, I can speak for me, the title race isn’t over, when it’s over we’ll all know won’t we.

“Are we in a good position? Of course we are, but it’s not over, it can never be over until it’s impossible for someone else to get in front of you.

“People can say and think and believe anything they want, but we all know when it’s over, because we’ll all be jumping around probably, so that’s what we’ll wait for.”

On his opposite number Money, who has been mentioning Hatters consistently in his recent press conferences, Still continued: “I’ve known Richard for years, he’s always done a good job wherever he’s been.

“He’s got his team competing really, really well this year and he’s a football man.

“I don’t perhaps know him in depth, but in my talks, he’s a football man, so he’s all right for me.

“We all do things in a different way. Me, I focus all my efforts on my own team, the only team I can control is my team, I can’t control the other teams.

“How other people want to do it is entirely down to them. Is there a wrong or a right way? Well for me there is. But maybe there isn’t for someone else.

“For me 100 per cent on my team doing the best it can. If my team is doing the best it can and someone else is doing better, there’s nothing I can do about it.

“Sometimes people say things to maybe get a reaction from somebody else, I don’t react to it, I don’t react to anything.

“This is my team, people can say what they want, put things out in the media that they want and it would never bother me or worry me.

“It’s not my job, my job is to worry about my own team, I’m not affected by anybody else.”

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