‘Promotion’ yet to be mentioned by Hatters

‘Promotion’ hasn’t even been mentioned at Kenilworth Road yet this season according to assistant manager Terry Harris, writes Mark Wood.

Friday, 21st February 2014, 1:00 pm
L14-187 LTFC v Hereford at Kenilworth road, Luton 7:0 win Mike Simmonds JR 8 15.2.14 Gray celebrate goal 6

Town are fully focused on the task in hand and are adamant they will take nothing for granted.

He said: “No-one has mentioned it. I know I keep saying it, but it really is a case of one game at a time.

“It’s the old adage, and we’ve mentioned it so many times, but no-one’s mentioned anything at all.”

But he admitted that Luton’s expectant supporters are now daring to contemplate a long-awaited return to the Football League.

“They are and quite rightly so,” said Harris. “When you go on a 22-game unbeaten run and we’re in the position that we are and you look at the league table.

“John (Still), Hakan (Hayrettin) and myself have been in the game long enough now to know that it’s no always rosy in the garden and you have to point these things out to players.

“The three of us have got our feet firmly on the ground, we know what we’re doing and just one game at a time.”

Harris admitted though, that with nearest rivals Cambridge United again involved in the FA Trophy at the weekend, it is a massive opportunity for Town to ram home their advantage at the top.

He said: “It is. With Cambridge having to play the second leg anyway and I think they’re due to go to Braintree Tuesday, subject to that being on anyway because Braintree haven’t played since last August by the looks of it anyway...

“It is a very tough game, but it gives us an opportunity to take those eight points up to 11.”

Town’s 7-0 thrashing of Hereford United last weekend though has lifted Town’s spirits to a new high.

Harris added: “The atmosphere, you can sometimes hear it here, the atmosphere’s obviously a lot better.

“We’ve always worked on the premise that John has mentioned before, never too high, never too low.

“We try to keep an even keel, don’t run away with yourself.

“Come into work, do the work that you’re meant to do and as professionally as you can and as good as you can, and then hopefully everything will follow.

“Since day one we’ve had a really good atmosphere, we’ve always built the team ethic really and it’s no different now. Obviously winning helps.”