Hatters urged to get back on the horse by boss Still

Luton boss John Still has demanded his side ‘get back on the horse’ when they host Chester this weekend, writes Mike Simmonds.

John Still
John Still

Town went down to their first defeat since September with a 1-0 home reverse against Woking on Monday night.

The bosss said: “There’s never any harm in falling off the horse. The best jockeys in the world fall off the horse, it’s how quickly you get back on the horse.

“That’s the brave man. The brave man doesn’t lay on the floor whinging about the horse, he gets back on the horse.

“So that’s what we’ve all got to do, get back up and get on the horse.

“Is there a good time to lose a game? I don’t really think there’s a good time to lose. I do know that we all lose, we all have disappointments and it’s about responding to those disappointments.

“Some people can lose their job. Well you can sit indoors and mope about it or get another job, that’s how I look at it.

“Disappointment makes the strong stronger and the weak weaker. I know if we weren’t strong mentally we couldn’t have gone on this run, and overcome all the obstacles on the way.

“Sometimes you don’t play well and I think the strong person accepts that as well, that it’s not been a good day for me today.

“You can be the top salesman in a company, have a month and you don’t sell a bean. Do you sit inside and mope? Or go, I know this job, so how do I get those sales back up again.

“I know how I’ve got to do it, I can sit on my backside and do nothing, or can get off my backside and do something about it, it’s not rocket science.”

The result meant that Town have now not won in three games, taking two points from a possible nine, but Still wasn’t fussed about that return.

He continued: “It’s quick how people remind you of things.

“People reminded me we’ve taken two points from three games, is that a positive or a negative?

“Well, if I equate it, as I try to look at it through other peoples eyes. If Chelsea who were top of the league went to Manchester City and drew, who are second, I think they’d be quite happy with that.

“Then if they went to a team who had a great home record, like Everton and drew, they’d have been quite happy with that.

“That fact that the games are close together, we came out of those two games one point better off than when we went into them.

“They were great results, great points.”

Still did admit though that maybe the euphoria of the way the point was secured at Cambridge, with Mark Cullen netting in injury time, might have had an affect on the team against Woking.

He added: “The game ended quite emotionally, for both teams as we scored very late.

“Cambridge’s first game back they drew at home 1-1 with Dartford and didn’t play particularly well.

“We lost 1-0 in our first game back, and didn’t play particularly well, so maybe there was a bit of emotion attached.

“It can drain you a little bit, but what I do know is the quality and attitude of the players we do have.”

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