Hatters set for a Merry Christmas as they prepare for Barnet

It’s set to be a very merry Christmas for Luton Town’s stars who have been given Christmas Day off by boss John Still, writes Mark Wood.
L13-1475 LTFC v Gateshead at Kenilworth road, Luton Luton won 4:2
Mark Wood
JR 52
20.12.13L13-1475 LTFC v Gateshead at Kenilworth road, Luton Luton won 4:2
Mark Wood
JR 52
L13-1475 LTFC v Gateshead at Kenilworth road, Luton Luton won 4:2 Mark Wood JR 52 20.12.13

Saturday’s fantastic 4-2 win over in-form Gateshead moved high-flying Hatters to within one point of leaders Cambridge United.

That game was the start of five matches in 15 days, as Still said: “I think the period that we’ve just entered if you like is always a busy time and when you think you’re going to play four games in a reasonably quick time it’s nice to win the first one.

“It would be nice to win all four, but football being football, you never know what’s round the corner.

“But I think if you get off to a good start it alleviates a little bit of pressure.”

And that result has taken the pressure off of his side heading into their Boxing Day trip to near neighbours Barnet.

He said: “But going into the game I think we were all confident. We were confident of our form and if you are confident of your form you give yourself every chance, but as we all know football doesn’t always go like that, but Saturday was a good day for us.”

Speaking at Monday’s press conference, Still was unconcerned by any fatigue in his side and revealed their training plans have been in place for some time.

He said: “We normally have a programme and when we sit down and work out where we are, what we think, that’s when we come up with the programme.

“The training schedule over this Christmas period was set out a little while ago. We know how fit we are, but it’s as important at this time to rest as to train.

“And it’s just about getting the balance right. We’ll train today, train tomorrow, not Christmas Day, but I think we’ve got the balance right.”

On whether he had a Christmas message for supporters, Still joked: “Where’s my presents!?”

But he urged Town’s steadfast supports to stick behind his side, adding: “I didn’t realise I’d been here as long as I have been here.

“It’s funny it’s seemed like just half a season, but I came in here last season and it adds to it.

“All of the support has been double unbelievable and I thank you for that, keep it going.

“Merry Christmas, Happy New Year yourselves and your families and if you believe in Luton get behind this team for the rest of the season and we’ll hope it’s as good at the end of the season as it is right now.”