Hatters must be more like Barca and Man U

LEARNING from the likes of Barcelona and Manchester United will help the Hatters to be a success this season, according to striker Aaron O’Connor, writes Mark Wood.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 31st December 2011, 12:00 pm

He cited that those top teams never give away a lead and he wants Town to follow suit.

O’Connor said: “Good players and good teams they keep doing the right things and change it up.

“That’s why the manager speaks all the time about successful teams, the Barcelonas and Man Uniteds, they go two-, three-nil up, they don’t let the other team get back into the game, they keep doing the right things and that’s what makes them such good players.”

And he believes Luton are finally starting to show such resilience after good victories over Tamworth, 3-1, and Kettering, 5-0 on Monday.

He continued: “I think if you look back at the season we’ve dropped so many unnecessary points and we were saying in there at half time we were winning 2-0 and the first game that sprung to mind was where we conceded two goals late on again and to make sure we don’t do that.

“To make sure we came out of the blocks and work hard for the first 10-15 minutes and not let them get a goal back like has happened so many times this year.

“I just think if you look at us now we don’t look as shaky when we go 1-0 or 2-0 ahead.

“The secret to doing that is to keep doing the right things and keep doing the things that help you to get 1-0, 2-0 up.

“It did creep in a little bit second half, we were getting caught on the ball sometimes and the ball was getting given away, but the manager was getting his instructions across to try and keep doing the right things.”

And after a slow start to the season the 28-year-old striker is now brimming with confidence after netting his sixth goal of the season in the Poppies win, even if he also missed a penalty.

With a number of players now approaching double figures for the season, O’Connor added: “Confidence plays a massive part in football and we’ve got a few players on a decent amount of goals now.

“I’m confident and they’re confident and when we go out on the pitch we all feel like we can score goals and I’m looking forward to getting more goals and getting double figures and helping the team to achieve promotion this year.

“You feel a lot more confident inside yourself and you can take that out on to the pitch.

“I always try and do things the same on and off the pitch, but you can’t play well every week.

“The better you do play you take it into the next game and the next game and the more you can do it the more consistent level you can do it comes a little bit easier to you and that’s what seems to be happening to me at the minute.

“I set my standards high and I believe if you work hard you get your rewards and that’s what I’m going to keep doing.”