Hatters continue to monitor former Leicester and Ipswich man Maduako

Hatters are continuing to monitor 19-year-old former Leicester and Ipswich centre-half Jide Maduako after he played in last Wednesday’s 7-5 victory at AFC Dunstable in the Bedfordshire Senior Cup, writes Mark Wood.
Luton Town v West Ham United. Photos by Liam Smith. wk 45.Luton Town v West Ham United. Photos by Liam Smith. wk 45.
Luton Town v West Ham United. Photos by Liam Smith. wk 45.

Still said: “Just keeping him here, keeping tabs on him and not having to rush into it.

“But we’ve been quite pleased with him, he’s young, 19, a good size, very athletic, so we’re just going to keep monitoring him at the minute, probably the next week or two we’ll decided whether we go with him, or move on.”

And Still believes his much-vaunted talent identification system will continue to pay dividends, as he added: “Because I’ve got lots of scouts. I get lists all the time, that are constantly updated, constantly watched, constantly analysed, and when we can get them in for a while where it’s possible we get them in for a while. And it’s really just our system.

“I brought a system with me which has found some fantastic players for us at my former clubs and I want to try and find some fantastic players for this club. I think we’ve got players that we’ve brought in that are growing, I think young Elliot Justham’s going to be a very good goalkeeper, I think Mark Cullen’s going to be a very, very good player, I think Andy Parry’s going to be a good player and I think Jim Stevenson’s going to become a good player and they’re all playing in and around our team at the moment.

“If I’m here, who knows as long as I was at my other club which I doubt because I was there 10 years, and I’ll be too old then, I think I’ll want to rest by then. If I am we will have found some fantastic players and it won’t be me going out watching them all, it’s not possible. What the system does is bring in players for us to look at and analyse and take and coach and help develop and that’s the way we do it.”