Hatters boss ‘hates’ transfer window

Town chief John Still has blasted the transfer window, writes Mike Simmonds.
John StillJohn Still
John Still

In the week that Everton manager Roberto Martinez labelled it a ‘footballing circus’, Still said ahead of the deadline that ends on Monday: “I hate it, hate it, I don’t like it all.

“I think it aids the wealthy. When it comes to a transfer window and you are a big club, they can go and just get a couple (of players) in case.

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“Small clubs can’t just take a couple in case, you can’t work like that.

“I’m not a lover of if there’s going to be a transfer window, to have it open when the season’s on, you can’t do that. If they want to have a transfer window, when it’s the first game of the season, that’s it. Open it again at Christmas, a week again at Christmas and that’s it, finish.

“We’ve had these stories (about Gareth Bale, Luis Suarez and Wayne Rooney) bore us to tears.

“To have a transfer window going on when the season is going on, I’m not happy with. When it opens again, I think it should be a few days or a week at the absolute most and you just get on with it.

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“Or not (have a transfer window) at all, I’d be happy with that. But it’s not going to happen so I don’t know why I’m talking about it.”

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