Buckle wants a switched on Hatters side

Dorchester’s reply in Saturday’s 2-1 FA Cup victory was a reminder for all of Town’s squad to stay switched on, writes Mark Wood.

Tuesday, 4th December 2012, 1:13 pm

With young defender Alex Lacey fresh off the bench, the unmarked Arran Pugh was allowed to side-foot home from a corner.

Although boss Paul Buckle refused to proportion any blame, he did believe the strike was a timely reminder.

He said: “It’s always difficult when an injury comes so quickly and you’re called upon, especially in such a critical position.

“At the time of the game when they were always going to throw numbers forward. Al knew who his man was. Neils (Alan Neilson) was on the side with the markers.

“One of the things I would say, it just shows you as substitute you need to be concentrating on the game.

“You really need to concentrate on the area you are possibly going to be coming on in. Identify who is who, who is causing problems and how. And certainly know who you are picking up.

“He did know who he was picking up. I think he knew the number so he was possibly looking for the number of the guy.

“They took the corner quite quickly and I think because it came in at such a low point, it eluded everyone and fell to his feet.

“So I’d say that Lacey was unlucky at the way it landed at the boy’s feet and I wouldn’t put any blame on Alex for that.

“But it’s a reminder for me and all the players that we need to be switched on, whether you’re starting or you’re on the bench, you’ve got to be ready.”

On Town’s continued problems with set-pieces, Buckle added: “I think in open play we’ve been really solid. I’m not sure of the last time someone scored against us in open play.

“We know about set-plays, but every week now they become a major part of the game.

“I looked at the DVD, I looked at a lot of the balls they put in, and we defended great from a lot of the balls.

“I know it was one ball along the floor that caused us a problem, I’m not sure the lad even meant to do it.”

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