Cycling round-up: Beds Road Club

Beds Road Club held the second event in their SPOCO time-trial series around the 11.3-mile course from Cardington.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 14th March 2014, 1:00 pm
Cycling editorial image
Cycling editorial image

A beautiful day delivered some fast times, but unfortunately club captain Simon Norman slipped off in Old Warden and was unable to finish his ride.

Thomas Robb took the first place for the SPOCO points with a fine 27.27mins time.

Mark Gray improved by over three minutes on last week as he came home second, and Peter Gell, making his first appearance of the year, rounded off the top three.

There were first rides for the club from Ryhs Evans, who rode superbly to record a sub-20mins time, and Matt Donovan, who unfortunately took a detour.

Beds Road SPOCO points scorers: 1, Thomas Robb (Beds Road Club), 27.27mins; 2, Mark Gray (Beds Road Club), 28.33; 3, Peter Gell (Beds Road Club), 29.11; 4, Rhys Evans (Beds Road Club), 29.55; 5, Paul French (Beds Road Club), 30.05; 6, Matthew Cook (Beds Road Club), 31.38; 7, Mick Case (Beds Road Club), 31.41; 8, Alan Crane (Beds Road Club), 32.31; 9, Matt Donovan (Beds Road Club), 33.40; 10, Leigh Pilgrim (Beds Road Club), 34.34; 11, Michael King (Beds Road Club), 34.49; 12, Martin Hall (Beds Road Club), 37.22; 13, Jan Laming (Beds Road Club), 37.28; 14, Christine Anstee (Beds Road Club), 40.08; 15, Phil Bierton (Beds Road Club), 40.54.

Private Time-Trial results (non-points scorers): 1, James Stewart (Bonito Squadra Corse), 26.16mins; 2, Will Scott (Bonito Squadra Corse), 26.50; 3, Sam Hayes (Team, 27.15; 4, Steve Torley (Team MK), 27.26; 5, Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell), 28.09; 6, Emily Robertson (Glendene), 28.50mins; 7, Lindz Barral (Twenty3c), 28.50; 8, John Polak (CC Ashwell), 29.08; 9, Paul Carr (Team Corley Cycles), 29.40; 10, Paul Ambrose, 30.20; 11, Ian Markham (Chronos RT), 30.48; 12, Sarah Short (Bonito Squadra Corse), 31.43; 13, William Tusting (Bonito Squadra Corse), 32.17; 14, Darren Carter (CC Ashwell), 33.43; 15, Richard Pratt (I-Cycle), 34.48; 16, Dave Crane (Chronos RT), 46.07.