Cycling round-up

Beds Road Cycling

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 25th March 2014, 11:31 am
Cycling. Picture (c) Ian Tunnicliffe
Cycling. Picture (c) Ian Tunnicliffe

An icy downpour greeted riders before the start of the fourth round of the Beds Road Club Time-Trial Series on Sunday morning.

An assisting tailwind on the way out of the 16 mile course, that took in many of the hills and sharp corners around the south east Bedfordshire course, assisted riders.

Club captain Simon Norman was again in top form and having a fantastic ride when disaster struck and a puncture halted his ride in Southill.

Young challenger Justin Burrell made the mistake of going off course and adding an extra half a mile to his efforts.

Peter Gell also punctured on the course with five miles to go.

Those that made it back were rewarded with good times, none more so than chairman Mark Gray, who topped the list with his first time-trial win after 10 years of trying, while Katie Edwards was the first lady home.

SPOCO Points Results: 1, Mark Gray (Beds Road Club), 40.17mins; 2, John Mitcalf (Beds Road Club), 40.28; 3, Mark Anstee (Beds Road Club), 40.56; 4, Rhys Evans (Beds Road Club), 41.57; 5, Jason Green (Beds Road Club), 42.09; 6, Justin Burrell (Beds Road Club), 43.03; 7, Matt Donovan (Beds Road Club), 43.16; 8, Isaac Anstee (Beds Road Club), 43.35; 9, Matthew Cook (Beds Road Club), 45.02; 10, James Cox (Beds Road Club), 46.03; 11, Alan Crane (Beds Road Club), 46.50; 12, Leigh Pilgrim (Beds Road Club), 48.21; 13, Martin Hall (Beds Road Club), 52.43; 14, Katie Edwards (Beds Road Club), 52.49; 15, Christine Anstee (Beds Road Club), 55.11; 16, Phil Bierton (Beds Road Club), 56.09; 17, Terry Sykes (Beds Road Club), 59.09; 18, Des Roberts (Beds Road Club), 59.12.

PTT Results: 1, Lindz Barral (Twenty3c), 41.19mins; 2, Ian Markham (Chronos RT), 44.41; 3, Dave Crane (Chronos RT), 1.05.10hrs.