Bedfordshire Ladies ready to make history

Bedfordshire Ladies will take part in a ground-breaking season starting this weekend when they become the first womens club in the country to play in a Men’s League.

Friday, 9th May 2014, 1:00 pm
Bedfordshire Ladies CC

The club who play their home games in Oakley Road, Pavenham will compete in the Bedfordshire County Cricket League’s Development Division East for the forthcoming season commmencing this Sunday.

Katie Metcalfe, Bedfordshire Ladies’ captain, said: “As captain I feel under pressure but from the girls’ point of view they are really excited.

“We would like to finish mid-table and above. The league has been so suportive. We’ve not had any negative comments so far.

“I’m sure to start with men who we get out will get their mates saying: ‘You got out to a girl’. But once they realise the whole team has been bowled out by girls it will be different mindset.”

The Bedfordshire Ladies’ achievements so far include winning the women’s T20 competition twice in three years and they have regularly played friendlies against teams four divisions above them, winning every game apart from one.

Katie added: “We didn’t play enough friendly games to qualify for the Womens County Championship and we said ‘Do we spend another season in the girls league or do we give it a go in the men’s league?’ So we just thought: ‘It’s now or never joining the mens league.

“To get respect from the men we’ve got to put ourselves out there!”

Bedfordshire Ladies will play their first match on Sunday away to Bedford IIs.